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Last Update on 6th December 2023

The stainless steel scrap price per kg will let you earn a few bucks now. Scrap steel comes from many different sources, especially found in our homes. This junk can be food cans, paint cans, beverage cans, tire steel, etc which can be further recycled an infinite number of times. But, to earn the best scrap steel price per kg you need a loyal scrap dealer to pay you the right amount. You can find this loyal scrap dealer to get the best steel price per kg on Scrap Uncle. ScrapUncle is a platform that provides services to people to get rid of their scrap items easily. They started with a vision to lessen the increase of waste in our country. They’re the online Kabadiwala who operate as the saviors of nature. Similarly, to get clear of your scrap you can sell your scrap on Scrap Uncle using their website, or also through the application available on the play store. To earn a few bucks out of your scrap steel price per kg get your hands on the best deals given by ScrapUncle. Besides, save the planet and responsibly sell your junk.

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The old stainless steel scrap price is Rs.37 per kg. Check Out the Latest Scrap Rates:

Scrap Steel price per kg :

  • The prices of scrap materials like paper, glass, metals, etc, keep on shifting every day and so with scrap steel. With the demand for the item, there is an increase or decrease in the price. So how are you going to know about these shifts in rates and get a decent scrap steel price per kg? It’s simple you can sell your scrap to the online Kabadiwala ScrapUncle because they assure you give the fairest rates compared to your local Kabadiwala.
  • For instance, you might be unaware of the changes in scrap steel price per kg, and taking this as an advantage you may be cheated by your local scrap dealer. Also, the chances of weighing your scrap wrongly might yet be a problem. So online Kabadi selling is a much more accessible and reliable source we’ve to sell scrap easily.
  • Therefore, to earn the best rate along with convenience, Scrap Uncle is the arena. Swoosh your scrap and clean the environment, and your homes too. Recycle and help to conserve natural resources.

ScrapUncle is an IIIT Delhi student startup. They’re the online Kabadi dealers who provide hassle-free doorstep services and convenient pickups at the time of exchanging scrap items. You can now find us on the application on the play store or through the website

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