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Last Update on 20th April 2024

Kabadi shop near me now locates the dealers online. With an increase in the advancement of technology now we have digital kabadiwala available on an online platform. A search kabadiwala near me can assist you in finding a way to sell your scrap instantly and easily. The online dealer is ScrapUncle, they are a team of verified and certified people who sustain the increasing level of waste with their reliable services. You can now get doorstep aids just by reaching out to the online kabadi collector’s Scrap Uncle. Plan your pickup on or also through the application available on the play store. Swap your Scrap and Kabadi shop near with as you need.

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Advantages of Kabadi Shop Near Me:

  • A Kabadi near me, the search can help you find a kabadiwala in no time. You can now sell your kabad sitting in your comfort zone without putting in the extra effort. We all like convenience and here with the presence of an online kabadi shop near me the task of selling scrap has become even easier. Scrap Uncle is a reliable source that the netizens to sell stuff hassle-free.
  • Although, To sell your scrap you must first plan a day and time of pickup according to your need. It is simple enough to make a schedule. Go to the website and then place your pickup. Therefore, as soon as you’re done with this step the team member will contact you and confirm the slot. On the day of arrival, of team members, you will be notified beforehand.
  • Remembering the present scenario the team members will take all the necessary steps required throughout the process of collecting kabad. Your kabadi will be measured using a digital machine that is certified by ISO. Here digital machines avoid the risk of scams and you will be paid the best rates in exchange for your scrap.

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Online Scrap Buyers :

  • Kabadi shop near me will enable the netizens to save time and effort in finding a dealer. The process of selling scrap is to reduce the increase in waste. Hence, Scrap Uncle promises responsible recycling of your kabadi.
  • Similarly, Convenience, Doorstep services, Safety, and best Rates = Scrap Uncle. Sell Your kabadi to the scrap buyers who can dispose of it responsibly without harming nature. Selling kabadi doesn’t cost you any money, instead, you will earn a few bucks in return. For instance, we all must think of nature and responsibly reduce the waste by selling our kabadi.

ScrapUncle is an IIIT Delhi student startup, they started with an aim to reduce the increase of waste. They are the digital recyclers who help the netizens sell their kabadi easily with their reliable aids. You can get in touch with us through the application on playstore or

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