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The kabadiwala Scrap Uncle is now in your city. Over the past few years, waste management in India has become a matter of concern. With the shortage of local kabadiwala and the increase in trash online scrap buyers have come into existence. Along with time, our lifestyle has improved but do you know that the trash arising is a threat to the environment? If not managed properly it can cause adverse effects on nature and living creatures too. Scrap Uncle started with the aim to serve nature and help the people out there sell their scrap easily. As we are all busy in our lives we avoid selling scrap which is an important chore too. Hence, Scrap Uncle gives you the option of scheduling your pickup only during your availability. They are the trusted online kabadiwala that ensures you safe recycling. To come in touch with Scrap Uncle and to schedule your pickup you can do it through their website or also from their application available on the play store.

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The Kabadiwala Services

  • The kabadiwala Scrap Uncle helps you sell all your recyclables easily. They provide you with convenient doorstep services using all safety measures. Waste has been drastically increasing but with the aid of Scrap Uncle, we can preserve our nature and keep it away from toxic elements. When compared to the local kabadiwala, the kabadiwala available on an online platform has a better understanding of how to treat trash.
  • Scrap Uncle is a crew of certified and trained people. They ensure the eco-friendly recycling of your scrap items. The kabadiwala also provides you with the best price for your scrap items. Now you can also earn a few bucks out of your waste. Good deal right?

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  • Moreover, when the waste is not sold it can end up landing in the trash yard which is an alarming issue. Thus, Scrap Uncle is a one-solution for you where you can not only sell your paper, plastic, or glass but besides that, but you can also sell aluminum waste, copper waste, steel waste, and so on. The kabadiwala online is a boon for households and businesses too. Therefore, come forward and contribute your part in conserving nature. Keep recycling with the kabadiwala Scrap Uncle.

Scrap Uncle is an IIIT Delhi student startup, that concentrates on preserving nature from the trash that is getting produced every day in a huge amount. They help you by providing convenient doorstep services and easy pickups. You can come in touch with Scrap Uncle through their application on the play store or on the website

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