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Last Update on 20th April 2024

Iron Scrap Price, From ScrapUncle the online kabadiwala. When we talk about iron it’s a basic material but besides it has a dark side and can affect nature abruptly. It has some chemical properties that can impact nature. Therefore, to maintain sustainability in the environment it’s important to sell iron scrap. To protect nature and also to benefit yourself from the scrap you can sell your iron scrap on ScrapUncle and get the best iron scrap price. ScrapUncle is an online scrap picking platform that provides convenient doorstep services to people, corporates, and businesses to sell their scrap easily. They started with a vision to reduce the count of waste in our country and make our planet neat and clean. To get the great and best price on your iron scrap contact scrap uncle through their website or through the application available on the play store. Save nature and sell your scrap on ScrapUncle.

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Why ScrapUncle for Best Iron Scrap Price?

  • For instance, we all use iron materials. Let it be a chair, table, bed, wardrobes, machines, etc both in houses and also in business. But what if this stuff turns out to be outdated and old? What will you do with those iron scrap materials? Likely, to throw out in the garbage bins. But, as said, iron can be harmful to nature and the domestic animals in the street too. The best way to treat iron is to sell them to the scrap buyer as they can have eco-friendly ways to treat the iron scrap. And one such scrap buyer is Scrap Uncle where you can sell all your scrap items.

The Updated Old Iron or Loha Scrap Price is Rs.30 per kg and. Check Out Other Scrap Rates:

  • Although, you may be a bit skeptical about choosing an online scrap dealer in place of local kabadiwala. But, Scrap Uncle is a team of verified and certified dealers. They efficiently treat your scrap without polluting nature. Customer Satisfaction is the main reason for these dealers. Altab Media – Digital Marketing Agency in Noida
  • Hence, To avoid the chance of getting cheated while weighing the iron scrap they use a digital weighing machine. This digital weighing machine shows the accurate weight of your scrap. This way you can earn the best iron scrap price. Vend your iron scrap and earn a few bucks out of it.

Scrap Uncle is an IIIT Delhi students startup. They aim at providing hassle-free doorstep services to provide impeccable customer satisfaction. Their goals are to control the waste management system of India and make people aware of the need for recycling. Scrap Uncle is a decorated recycling unit. You can find us on  an app on the play store and you can also reach us at

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