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Last Update on 23rd June 2024

Online Raddi Selling has become the most convenient way to sell scrap handily. With the waste generated every day in our cities, the online raddi selling platform is a boon to all of us out there. To enable the option of online raddi selling you can visit the website of Scrap Uncle. Scrap Uncle is an online kabadi collecting platform that aims at curbing the waste management system of India. They are online scrap dealers providing suitable doorstep services to their customers.

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Online raddi selling is very easy to use with Scrap Uncle. To sell your raddi online you can visit the website of or now you can also download the application available on the play store. Through the website or from the application of Scrap Uncle you can plan your date, day, and time of pickup. Scrap Uncle gives the option to schedule the desired pick-up. Hence, when you decide on online raddi selling you can ping Scrap Uncle the digital raddi dealers. Indeed, selling scrap not only keeps your homes clean but also benefits the environment.

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Why choose the option of Online Raddi Selling?

  • An online platform to sell scrap has been designed to help everyone let it be housewives, businesses, and working families to peddle their scrap easily. Each of us has a lot of work to do in a day where selling raddi seems to be a bigger task. But don’t you think it’s your responsibility to keep your surroundings hygienic and clean? We produce so much trash in a day and don’t even care about recycling or selling them to the scrap dealers. Nevertheless, the problem can be solved with the help of online raddi selling. It does not require much time and at the same time, it saves the environment from being polluted yet. 
  • Although, you can choose an online raddi selling arena ScrapUncle because it gives the best services. Right from scheduling the day and time of pickup to the convenient doorstep aids to the best rates digital scrap selling is beneficial to us. All that you have to do is visit the site and plan your pickup.
  • Online scrap dealers are trained and verified. Therefore they promise to dispose of or recycle your scrap using eco-friendly methods. Now, you can also track the position of your scrap unless it is recycled efficiently. Swap your raddi online to earn the best rates and also it helps to reduce environmental damage. Responsible for Recycling your scrap by Scrap Uncle.

ScrapUncle is an IIIT Delhi student startup that helps in controlling the waste management of India by providing you with its best services. You can now find us on the application on the play store or through the website

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