How to Sell Old Newspaper Online & Safe The Trees From Cutting?


Last Update on 16th June 2024

Sell old newspaper online and redeem trees. Did you know it takes about seven fully-grown trees to make a bunch of paper? Starting from draping stuff in newspapers to laying them on shelves in our houses, newspapers are seen everywhere. After making use of the newspaper all that we do is throw it all as trash. But do you think you’re doing good with nature by throwing all that newspaper scrap? Nay, we ain’t doing good to nature yet to protect it we can take a step ahead and sell old newspaper scrap. Now, as things are advanced you can sell old newspapers online. When you sell old newspaper scrap, online dealers ensure the eco-friendly recycling of your scrap items. Where to sell old newspapers online? It is simple you can sell your scrap on Scrap Uncle.

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Scrap Uncle is an online scrap-collecting platform that helps people sell their scrap easily. When it comes to nature, Scrap Uncle started with a vision to control the waste management system of India and conserve natural resources for future generations. To keep India hygienic and clean they started an online scrap-selling platform. Track down them using or also through the application available on the play store. Sell your old newspaper online and protect nature.

Sell Old Newspaper Scrap Online – Value Paper

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  • Every tree that is cut down on this planet must be counted. To make paper and further newspaper or paper bags trees are being used. However, this is rapidly growing and as a result, leads to deforestation. To control this situation we must encourage the recycling of our old newspaper scrap. Rather than stuffing them in a corner or trashing old newspapers, they can be sold to online scrap dealers.
  • Although, you might be doubtful about why choose an online scrap dealer over a local kabadiwala? It is because when you sell your old newspaper online you will not just like the best services from Scrap Uncle but also earn a few bucks per kg. Along with the best rates and services this online scrap dealer assures comfort and convenience from your doorstep.
  • Sitting anywhere in the corner of your city you can plan your schedule as per your availability. All that you need to do to sell old newspapers online is visit and choose your slot i.e day, date, and time of arrival. As soon as you do this you will get a confirmation call from the team of Scrap Uncle and then easily pick up of your scrap and instant payment is made. Therefore, sell your scrap responsibly to responsible scrap dealers. Sell old newspapers online and save a tree.

Scrap Uncle is an IIIT Delhi student startup, that provides convenient doorstep services and the best prices in exchange for your scrap items. Dispose of your scrap easily and get in touch with Scrap Uncle through their application on the play store or, Sell your scrap handily to online scrap dealers.

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