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Thekabadiwala helps you instantly in getting rid of your scrap items. For years thekabadiwala in our society has been nature’s savior. But as times have varied they turned out to be a little less functional for people. In their absence, people have started disposing of their scrap items or waste in the trash yards that are not suitable for nature. It is not only polluting the environment but is a cause of numerous diseases. Thekabadiwala is now available on an online platform and the one that can help you out in selling your waste and give you timely services is Scrap Uncle.

Scrap Uncle is an online scrap dealer that helps you sell your scrap easily. They provide you with convenient doorstep services and also ensure you eco-friendly recycling of kabadi items. To come in touch with Scrap Uncle and schedule the next pick you can do it through their website or also through their application available on the play store. Thekabadiwala is the main part of preventing the waste management system of India.

How Thekabadiwala Simplifies the Problem of Waste?

  • When you take a peek at your surroundings you might indeed find the poor maintenance and garbage thrown all around the place. Do you think it is healthy to live in such an unsanitary place? Probably not, It is not only unsafe for human beings but also the animals in the surroundings. Undoubtedly people are much busier in their lives. However, the fact is that if you don’t sell your scrap and throw it in your surroundings it’s a loss for nature and the habitat too. Thekabadiwala Scrap Uncle helps you with the chore of selling kabadi handily.
  • Scrap Uncle is a one-stop solution where you get to sell all your scrap items. They are available for both households and businesses too. Now you don’t have to stand in queues or wait for the local kabadiwala to wander around your streets. Now, without investing much time and just relaxing in your home you can schedule your pickup by Scrap Uncle. Choose the date, day, and time according to your convenience, and get rid of your scrap items. Besides, cleaning nature thekabadiwala Scrap Uncle provides the best customer service.
  • To avoid any kind of scam while weighing your scrap thekababiwala online use a digital machine that is ISO certified. Similarly,  when compared to any other recycling units in your locality thekabadiwala Scrap Uncle pays you the best rates in exchange for your kabadi items. You can trust the scrap dealers and they follow all precautions and safety measures while dealing with your scrap.

Keep recycling with Scrap Uncle and get rid of your Kabadi.

Scrap Uncle is an IIIT Delhi student startup, which provides hassle-free doorstep services to the people out there and extends a helping hand toward serving nature for its well-being and betterment. You can schedule your pickup through their application on the play store or on the website


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