Modern-Day Kabadiwala Near Your Doorstep (Delhi NCR)


Kabadiwala is now available near your doorstep. The wait is over now as the online kabadiwala is showing its presence on a digital platform. Now, you don’t have to wait long or stand in a queue to sell your kabad. The task had been made easier to sell your scrap shortly and handily. To get the best price in exchange for your scrap you can sell your kabadi on ScrapUncle. ScrapUncle is accessible and easier than any other kabadiwala near me. From best deals to doorstep pickups you can rely on them to sell your kabadi and also get rid of the queue near your local scrap buyer. To sell your scrap you can directly plan your pickup to sell scrap at your convenience just by sitting on the couch with a coffee in your hand.

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All that you have to do to come in contact with the online scrap dealers of ScrapUncle is search for or through the application available on the play store. ScrapUncle the online kabadiwala will be arriving at your doorstep only at your desired time. Sell your scrap to the kabadiwala online.

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Services of Kabadiwala:

  • Kabadiwala helps us to get rid of the excess waste we collect. They’re the best friends of nature and thus do the job of keeping our nature at its best. Without scrap dealers, our country would be full of waste everywhere and therefore it can cause havoc on nature. To control the rise in waste, kabadiwala acts as the Saviors of nature.
  • For instance, when you sell your scrap to online kabadiwala they efficiently dispose of the scrap. Scrap Uncle has the expertise and experienced staff that treat the scrap without harming nature. Also, the customers can now keep an eye on the position of their kabadi.
  • Similarly, scrap buyer not only benefits nature but the people too. Doorstep pickups, best rates, instant services, verified staff, and availability are what we need. All these are accessible and can be done instantly. Hence, get in touch with Scrap Uncle the digital scrap buyers

ScrapUncle is an IIIT Delhi students startup, that aims to keep nature healthy. They provide a doorstep, that makes the chore of selling scrap accessible and more convenient. You can connect with the team from an application on the play store or the website

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