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Scrap Buyer Near Me, Now get instant pickups. To help you with instant scrap pickups we have Online Kabadiwalas. One of them is Scrap Uncle. Scrap Uncle is an online trash picking platform where you can sell your scrap more easily and conveniently. Now, you will find the crew members near your doorstep at your preferred date and time. You can reach them through their website or the application available on the play store.

The term scrap buyer near can be useful in various ways to get shed of the waste you collected. As waste management of the country is our responsibility we must sell our scrap to maintain cleanliness. Therefore, this scrap buyer near me can be useful for you to find a kabadiwala near your locality.

Let’s find out how this scrap buyer near me is helpful to us in multiple ways.

Services By Scrap Buyer Near me :

  • Scrap buyer near me is one of the most searched words by many of us when we decide to sell our scrap. We usually wait for a local kabadiwala to hit our doorstep so that we can exchange our scrap and keep our shacks clean. Thus, these online services provided by the scrap uncle can help you find a kabadiwala at your doorstep and you can easily sell your scrap.
  • Now, you don’t have to separate time from your busy schedule to sell scrap. You can schedule your pickup anytime you wish to and your work will be done at your fingertips. So, grab the opportunity to sell your scrap online and get free from your junk.

Why Choose Online Dealers :

  • Online scrap buyers measure your scrap weight using a digital weighing machine that is certified by ISO. You are free from getting cheated by the dealers.
  • This scrap buyer near me pays you the amount instantly as soon as you exchange your scrap. Both online and offline payment mode options are available with these scrap buyers. And it is great if you can earn a few bucks out of the scrap in this costly world.
  • Although, in the presence of the covid19 the scrap buyers make sure they provide convenient and safe pickups to their customers. They keep their safety as a priority and do their work. They’re trusted and verified so you can rely on their services.


Scrap buyers near me assist you with decent services and convenience. To maintain sustainability in the environment we should take a step ahead and always aim to keep our surroundings neat and clean. When you can spend a lot of time doing other chores and things for yourself all that you can do for nature is to keep it hygienic. Grab the deals from Scrap Uncle.

Scrap Uncle is an IIIT Delhi student start up that aim to control the trash that is produced everyday. This scrap can enter our landfills and thus harm our natural resources. So, Scrap Uncle took an initiative to control this problem and therefore provides doorstep services to their customers and helps in getting rid of their scrap and also it can help in preserving natural resources. You can reach them through an application on the play store or through the website






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