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Scrap Buyers in Delhi NCR. Delhi is the capital city of India and also the most visited city by the tourists too. Also, due to the increase in population, the capital city is producing enormous garbage with each passing day. To control the waste management system of the city we all must try to reduce the increase in waste and take measures to prevent this from happening. To help you find a way scrap buyers in Delhi NCR play a vital role. In this digitalized world the scrap dealers are available on an online platform. The scrap buyers in Delhi NCR are Scrap Uncle.

Scrap Uncle is a crew of online scrap buyers and dealers who help the netizens by giving accessible and convenient doorstep services to get rid of their scrap items. They’ve been doing this for a long time, and thus ensure eco-friendly recycling of your scrap items. Although, to get in touch with these online scrap buyers or dealers you can connect with them on or also through the application available on the play store.

Sell scrap to the online dealers and save the city from getting over-polluted with waste.

Benefits of Selling Scrap To Online scrap buyers and dealers in Delhi NCR:

  • For instance, the current scenario of the waste management system in Delhi is at its peak and there is waste getting produced from each corner of the city. People living in apartments or on the outskirts of Delhi NCR find it difficult to locate scrap buyers and dealers in their area. Therefore, to solve their problem and sell scrap easily, Scrap Uncle has taken the initiative to provide online scrap picking services in Delhi NCR.
  • Scrap Uncle delivers convenient doorstep services. Also, the online buyers offer an option to schedule desired pick-up services. You can now plan your pickup on any day of the week, year or month and sell scrap handily.
  • When you exchange your scrap with the scrap buyers in Delhi NCR they give you the best rates in return. When compared to the rest of the recycling units Scrap Uncle assures you to get the nicest returns. They’ve made the process of selling and recycling easy. Therefore, sell your scrap responsibly and save the city from bringing in more pollution. Keep your surroundings clean and comfortable to live in.

Scrap Uncle is an IIIT Delhi student startup, that aims at controlling the waste management system of India by giving comfortable doorstep aid. Now plan your pickup through the application on the play store or on the website


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