Waste Segregation is the Key


What Is Waste Segregation?

Waste segregation is a distinction between wet waste and dry waste for proper disposal. Recently, we see different colour dustbins being placed up for people to throw their garbage in different parts of the cities. Well, knowing what kind of trash belongs to what bin and waste segregation at the source is critical. The green bin is used for wet waste disposal while the blue bin is for dry waste disposal. To see where it is going, it is important to track the process right from the start of throwing it in the bins. The waste could be in the form of agricultural waste, industrial waste, toxic waste, e-waste, wet waste, etc. Since some of them can be reused or recycled it is better to dispose of them cautiously.

Problem In Waste Management

Often both wet and dry waste is combined which further adds to destroying the environment. The waste directly reaches the landfills and the plastic or any toxic material combined with the wet waste of the kitchen can deplete the soil and if by chance they are burnt they may deplete the air as well so in any case, they are harmful to the environment stressing on the importance of waste segregation even more. Some factories dump their waste in the vicinity of rivers or streams that are carried to the oceans during heavy rainfall and make it unhealthy for both animal and human consumption. Only 20% of waste in India is collected and about 6.7 million tons are disposed of carelessly in landfills. So if you want to make this earth a better place to live start practising waste segregation right from the source that is your home itself.

How To Segregate Waste?

To be a part of a clean environment start using different bags for wet and dry waste. Vegetable leftovers can go in wet waste and packets of milk or other items can be dumped into the dry waste bag. Those you think can be recycled or given away can be stored separately especially newspaper bundles, glass, electronics, metal, clothes, etc. Make separate bags for each of these wastes. Make sure that you don’t place any of the leftover medications or cotton swabs in any of those bags. Put it in a different bag so you can throw it out separately. The wet waste bag can be used to make compost which will increase fertility when added to the soil. Put only vegetable and fruit peels, tea leaves and other food products in the wet waste bag so be sure. Contact your nearest kabadiwala for items that need to be recycled or you can even sell kabad online. For this form of service, you can contact Swapeco, and sell your scrap.

Doing Away With Recyclables

Swapeco has contributed a great deal to removing these recyclables from homes. We provide a formal and organized system for clearing scraps. So you don’t have to wait before scrap pickers arrive you can fill in your information on our website and the dealer arrives at your doorstep on the day you decide. You don’t even have to worry about any fraud because our dealers carry a weighing machine labelled with ISO. This waste you give away is going to add some extra money to your pockets and keep the surrounding area clean and green. The company is making efforts with this to keep the capital of the country safe. The initiative has not only cleaned your backyard but is successfully generating employment for scrap dealers, management teams, technicians and service engineers. Download our app now to experience the benefits we have to offer or you can even visit our website at https://swapeco.com/.

India is already doing its bit of work in keeping the environment clean. In the year 2017, December the Centre for Science and Environment launched an initiative under the title Forums of Cities that Segregate. About 20 cities came up to share their ideas on the proper segregation of solid waste management. So get started people and be a part of making this world a better place to live.

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