Kabadiwala: The Green Merchant

Waste generation has become a characteristic feature of living beings.  For whatever we buy or utilize, we produce garbage. While we continue to work as waste generators, a scrap dealer, on the other hand, is a person who collects the waste or scrap and deals it for profit. Briefly, the Kabadiwala collects the scrap from …

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Week-Long Garbage – Free Country?

Recently, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has called for a week-long garbage-free country. India is responsible for the production of 277 million tonnes of solid waste every year, which is likely to reach more than 380 million tonnes by 2030.  In light of such an environmental waste threat, Prime Minister Modi launched a week-long garbage-free …

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Online Kabadiwala: The Green Agent

The current scenario of our planet earth is known to all. The natural resources, be it the land or a water body, are being degraded by human activities. Kabadiwalas, now shifted to online kabadiwala play a crucial role in segregating the scrap and making sure the recyclables get recycled and not dumped into the landfills! …

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