How much can you earn from junk!


We don’t need an excuse to purchase various things for ourselves, homes, and family. Every month we have festivals or functions when we purchase something or other items to celebrate and make it more memorable. But what do we do when they all get old and piled up? Let us read on how to earn from the junk to conclude a valuable solution.

How much do you purchase?

Annually, what a person buys depends upon many factors such as their income, family size, lifestyle, etc. According to recent data provided by the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation (MoSPI), it was observed that on average, Indians spent Rs.77,085 per person annually. Out of this, 27% of the expenses were made for home utilities, clothing, and other accessories. This makes up to Rs.20,813  of expenditure made annually.

Most of the commodities you buy become scrap with time. There can be a stack of old novels and newspapers, a bundle of worn-out shoes, or a pile of useless utensils or containers.

How to get a profitable rid of your scrap/ earn from it?

Dealing a scrap for earning is the best way to get rid of it. The value of the scrap depends upon the nature and condition of the scrap. For instance, you bought plastic items weighing 15 to 20 kilograms which are now scrap. The total amount you expend on it was Rs.1500 to 2000. If you discard it in a bin, it will end up in the ocean. But, dealing it with a scrap merchant, will earn you Rs. 10 to 12 per kg of plastic, that is Rs. 150 to 200 (10% of what you spent). Similarly, the revenue from a scrap depends upon the rates enumerated by the merchants. For every kilogram of newspaper, you receive Rs.14. A kilogram of steel scrap pays you Rs. 30, and so on. This is how you can easily earn from what you consider as ‘waste’.

Selling scrap is now easier than before. No need to hunt for scrap deals near you, you can simply schedule a waste pick-up using the swapeco application on the play store or their website The team will visit as per your scheduled date and time, weigh on an ISO certified digital weighing scale and pay you instantly for the scrap at the best rates and that’s how you can earn from every little thing that is no longer of use!

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