Recycling Mission – From Waste to Best


Recycling Mission from waste to best. Anything that can be reused must not be thrown away. Because now you can make the best out of the waste by recycling. It can be defined as the process of converting waste into reusable material for further use. The recycling mission is to save our nature and maintain sustainability. You can reuse the materials in their original form instead of throwing them away. Recycling is the friendliest way to protect the environment and one must recycle things as much as possible.


Why do we need Recycling?

  • If there is one thing that has to be changed in this ever-changing world is to reduce the increase in waste. When you take a step ahead you find millions of successful results. Because if there is no planet there is no life.
  • We need recycling for many reasons. But most importantly, the aim is to save our planet from the rising air pollution and other toxic gases released by factories and industries.
  • Recycling is an efficient and effective way because it helps in saving a lot of natural resources. It reduces the amount of waste produced by us and also it saves energy

How to support the Mission?

  • The recycling mission is one of the most eco-friendly ways to save our planet. Besides, recycling helps in saving millions of trees and also reduces the cause of deforestation.
  • Firstly, everything that can be recycled comes from our households. Let it be newspapers, old notebooks, textbooks, plastic, paper, glass, etc. Instead of throwing away stuff, you can sell this waste to the scrap dealers and earn out of it.
  • In addition, sort your waste and then contact the online scrap dealers because they know what can be done with the waste materials and the process of recycling is being followed smoothly.
  • To recycle is a minor effort a human can take to save the environment and this minor effect can turn out to be the most efficient way when it comes to serving the climate.
  • Now, you can find the kabadiwala not only offline but online too. Here you can sell your scrap at your convenient time and earn a sum by contributing some to the surroundings.

Waste Management is one the most important things that have to be controlled and recycling is the best way to control waste. Hence, support the recycling mission and save our globe.

Scrap Uncle is an IIIT Delhi student startup, that aims at reducing the cause of waste by recycling the scrap and also provide door step services. Get rid of all your wastes and you can find us on the application on play store or connect us at

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