Scrap Buyers – Nature’s Best Friends


Scrap buyers are an essential part of the waste management sector in India. We, humans, are growing in a digital age in which every artifact has its limit to be used in a particular field. Each piece of equipment gets outdated or worn, let it be a needle or a car. But if a thing gets completely worn or outdated doesn’t mean that it’s of no use. There are some materials which can be recycled and used again. These materials are inferred as scrap. Materials such as plastic bottles, small metal objects can be said to be scrap materials. There are thousands of scrap materials produced by us in our daily lives. Now the question is how will these scrap materials benefit our society or nature in any way? The one who help our nature is SCRAP BUYER.


Here comes the role of scrap buyers, they buy or collect these scrap materials from a particular place and bring them back to the original version from which it was manufactured. The scrap buyers are vultures of modern society as they don’t let the scrap materials go in complete vain. The kabadiwalas, respective to the material they collect or buy, segregate them and supply them into the domains where they can be recycled and used again. By doing this they prevent us from exploiting nature. Scrap dealer also contribute their part in reducing pollution by collecting non-biodegradable materials which  are harmful for the nature in various aspects.


The Kabadiwalas also spread awareness on the importance of recycling and reusing paper by decreasing the amount of deforestation. Deforestation is the main cause of the earth’s suffering from pollution and the scrap buyers protect nature by doing so. They are the only link between the public and recycling units of their respective cities. The waste that is being collected every day is disposed of in various forms mostly burning which gives drift to air pollution is kept to a minimum by scrap buyers as they separate non-biodegradable substances from the garbage which Produces harmful gases when burned at the final disposal. We can get to a point that scrap buyers maintain balance in waste management by their contribution.


The kabadiwalas play an important role in the sustainability of nature by making maximum use of the equipment and its waste. They even maintain a proper balance of humans and nature by meeting our own needs without harming nature. The future generations must also not compromise at meeting their requirements, this situation is under the control of informal waste buyers also known as kabadiwalas.

Hence, in return, we must appreciate the efforts of scrap buyers and for their remarkable work, they are being tagged as the “Best Friend Of Nature”. They’re the protectors of the environment.

Scrap Uncle is a IIIT Delhi student’s startup, aimed at alleviating the role of scrap buyers or kabadiwalas in the Indian waste management eco system. They provide doorstep scrap pick-up services. People can directly book through the application on playstore or through the website

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