Ineffective biomedical waste management amid COVID-19


The outbreak of COVID-19 has been disproportionately affecting certain stakeholders in India––most notably, sanitation workers and health workers. The rising predicament of ineffective biomedical waste management was a factor for further concern regarding the working conditions of workers in India. The highly contagious virus has been threatening sanitation workers as COVID-19 patients have to discard unmarked biomedical medical waste. Discarded masks, gloves, and tissues are among just a few sources that may potentially spread the outbreak of COVID-19 by many folds. 

On the 14th of July, BBC published an article raising concern about India’s growing biomedical waste challenges amid COVID-19. The article has highlighted the paramount importance of designing a safe waste management system that will allow for the hygienic process to discard COVID-19 wastes. Workers have also stated the need for training and safety gear procedures to handle hazardous waste materials that have the potential to spread COVID-19 in local areas. Furthermore, the article has highlighted the need to decontaminate the waste with sanitizers before collection. The ideal solution is to effectively utilize the reusable cloth masks if the condition suffices for safety.

Following the surge in cases of COVID-19 in India, sales of masks, sanitizers, and safety essentials were increasing at unprecedented speed. Yet, the government or other organizations have been unable to provide information regarding the hygienic methodology to dispose of biomedical waste generated within households. Designfreemart 

Swapeco is dedicated to the alleviation of the COVID-19 sanitary crisis in India in the waste management sector. As such, we would like to introduce new initiatives that are convenient while ensuring safety and hygiene conditions. People who will collect your scrap locally will be carefully monitored during the process of each pickup and will be required to wear masks and hand gloves. Furthermore, we will enforce social distancing regulations to minimize contact during the pickup process to make sure your experience is prompt and safe. Our scrap collection vehicles are also frequently sanitized to make sure we bring the best service to your doorstep. Contribute to the environmentally friendly movement and make sure your scrap at home is effectively recycled, reused, and reduced through Swapeco. EazyPC – Second Hand Laptops in Delhi NCR 

Swapeco provides a formal and organized system for clearing scraps. Scrap pickers arrive at your doorstep at a time and day that works best for you. The waste you give away will add a few extra money into your pockets while also maintaining a cleaner environment near home. Our organization is making every effort to keep our environment clean and generate employment for scrap dealers, management teams, technicians, ad service engineers. We hope that India and the world together will quickly find a remedy to the current coronavirus crisis and hope we continue to show concern for our environment. 

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