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Scrap Sales in India – Now Book Your Slot To sell your scrap. It is needed to be the most discussed issue. Keeping in mind the rising trash and pollution in our capital city we must find ways to reduce it. To sell waste or to find a trusted dealer can be a little difficult. Therefore,  Scrap Uncle an online kabadiwala platform has been introduced. Scrap Uncle is an online scrap buyer who took an initiative in controlling the waste management system of India. In times like today to protect ourselves we must first protect our nature. Hence, waste has to be reduced to decrease the cause of health issues or any kind of problems among humans or living creatures. It might be a task finding the right dealer, but not anymore. Because you will have Scrap Uncle right at your place. They’re just a click away. Find them on


Why Scrap Sales are Needed?

  • Finding a local kabadiwala in your locality might be difficult because their time of arrival is not being fixed. Also, Scrap sales in India might not be done properly due to the lack of any local kabadiwala present in our area. Although it is crucial to sell scrap to save nature for future generations we must find an alternative.
  • Our climate is changing every day due to a lack of improper disposal of scrap from households and factories. Hence, we have all of the solutions for all these problems that we face. That is the online kabadiwala. Online kabadiwala was introduced for the betterment of the environment. They’re the saviors of nature and hence, we must get in touch with them to sell our scrap properly and responsibly.

Role of Online Kabadiwala (Scrap Uncle)

  • Online kabadiwala smoothens the task of scrap sales. They’re the convenient buyers available for anyone in this country. Scrap Uncle being an online kabadiwala provides its customers with a variety of services to sell their trash. They made the task of selling scrap easier and instant. So, whenever we need a junk dealer to sell our waste, Scrap Uncle is the one you can choose.
  • Scrap sales can be done just by booking a slot on Scrap Uncle. All that you have to do is schedule your pick-up during your availability and handily sell your trash. The buyers will knock at your place only at the scheduled time. Therefore, you don’t have to invest more of your time and effortlessly sell your junk.
  • Also, scrap sales is done responsibly causing no harm to nature. On this note, Scrap Uncle assures their customers that all the team members are verified and well-trained. They promise you proper disposal of your waste. You can rely on their services and sell your waste.
  • Similarly, they also offer you great deals and prices in exchange for your scrap. You don’t have to bargain to get the right amount, nor should worry about getting cheated. Because Scrap Uncle measures your junk with a digital weighing machine and accordingly pays you the amount. Online and offline transfer of payment mode is usable with these online dealers.


Therefore, keeping in mind the importance of scrap sales and the help we get from the online kabadiwala we must track them and sell our scrap responsibly. Already, experiencing a pandemic we must protect nature and all the living creatures too. Sell Scrap On Scrap Uncle.

Scrap Uncle is an IIIT Delhi student startup, that serves the nature and lend a helping hand towards nature. Now with all the convenience you can plan your pickup and get rid of all your trash materials. Get in touch with Scrap Uncle using the application on play store or connect us at


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