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Scrap Shop Near Me locate the scrap dealers by sitting at your home. Now, selling scrap is also available on an online platform. The days are gone when you would stand in a long queue and similarly look for local kabadiwala roaming around your streets. When things have been made available to all in an easy way right from home services of grocery to home services on salon why compromise with scrap? Selling scrap is related to the betterment of nature and we all must be a part of this and sell scrap responsibly. Moreover, the scrap shop near me option has been launched for all of us to make the task of selling scrap handy. Get rid of all your scrap items on Scrap Uncle, the online scrap shop near me. For the best rates you want and the handy service, you can fix them at or also on the application available on the play store.


Scrap Shop Near Me :

  • Scrap Shop near me is a simple search that lets you find an online scrap dealer easily. Now, when times have altered with the effect of covid-19 safety has become a matter of concern. With the presence of online kabadiwala, you can swap your scrap without any trouble.
  • Although, the local kabadiwala is still available for you but not at your desired time. They might wander around your streets in your absence too. Hence, to forgo this problem and sell your scrap at your available time you can search for a scrap shop near me and sell your junk to these online scrap dealers. Similarly, you can book your slot online through the website of and pick your own time for selling waste. 
  • Everything is worth a penny and so is your chunk. Scrap Uncle when compared to the other recycling units gives you the best rates in exchange for your scrap. Earn a few bucks from your scrap and also get effective aids from Scrap Uncle.

Scrap Uncle is an IIIT Delhi student startup, that protects nature and lends a helping hand to nature. Now with all the convenience you can plan your pickup and get away from your scrap materials. Get in touch with Scrap Uncle using the application on the play store or connect us at


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