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Scrap shop near your doorstep. Sounds great right? Sell scrap to online scrap buyers. How is it possible? With the growth in technology and demand for online services which are accessible and convenient now, you can also track down scrap dealers online. Days are gone when you peek out of your houses and look for a local kabadiwala to sell your crumb. Let it be any occasion or just a day to clean your abode now you can book an online kabadiwala and find services more convenient than the local scrap shop. You might be thinking about where you will find scrap shops online? The best scrap shop where you can sell your waste is Scrap Uncle. Scrap Uncle is an online kabadi collecting platform that provides handy aids to its customers and also makes the task of selling scrap very easy and quick. It also provides doorstep services and gives an option to choose our leisure time to sell scrap. Sitting on your couch now, get to book your online kabadiwala from or also from the application available on the play store.


Benefits of Online Scrap Shop :

  • An online scrap shop is a convenient and easy-to-go option for people leading busy lives. While selling scrap doesn’t take long when you choose the online scrap dealers. Scrap Uncle is one such platform that lets you schedule your pickup and arrive at your place only at the time preferred by you. Now, you don’t have to take all your scrap and reach the scrap shop. Online scrap shops have been very helpful for the netizens.
  • Similarly, just like their easy services they also give the best rates to your scrap. Online scrap dealers measure your scrap using a digital machine that is ISO certified. Customer Satisfaction is the main goal of Scrap Uncle. Hence, to avoid any kind of mismeasurement of scrap and to give the best rates according to the weight the digital machine is being used.
  • Moreover, keeping the safety of nature in mind, Scrap Uncle has a team of certified and verified people. They ensure responsible recycling of scrap items. Along with the simple services they also protect nature. Timely services, best rate, eco-friendly methods only in one place, Scrap Uncle. Sell your scrap to these online scrap dealers. Now, get a scrap shop near your doorstep as per your need.

Scrap Uncle is an IIIT Delhi students startup, that aims at controlling the increase of waste in our country. They provide hassle-free doorstep services that make the chore of selling scrap easier. You can reach them on the application on the play store or the website

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