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Last Update on 15th July 2024

Old Iron Rate per kg Now you can sell your old iron online. Do you know online Kabadiwala pays you more than the local Kabadiwala? Do you want to grab the opportunity to sell your old iron or any other scrap item and earn a few bucks out of it? Perhaps, It is possible now with the existence of online scrap dealers. The scrap dealers present online are ScrapUncle. ScrapUncle is a digital platform that allows people to sell their scrap on time without standing in lanky rows or looking out of their balconies for local scrap dealers. They provide desired doorstep services along with the nicest rate per kg of your scrap. You can rely on the aids given by these online scrap buyers and sell your trash efficiently. Get in touch with the online scrap buyers through or also from the application available on the play store.

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Old Iron rate per kg – Earn a few bucks:

  • Now, when everything has turned out to be expensive you must take a step ahead to make more money rather than missing it. Online Kabadiwala Scrap Uncle allows you to earn a decent rate out of your iron scrap items. When you buy the stuff you pay a huge amount and before throwing away that stuff after its use remember even scrap has a huge rate. Demand for old iron and aluminum turned out to be more with the increase in its scrap value.
  • You might be unaware of the fact that your old iron scrap has a great rate. Mistakenly you give it away at low prices to the local Kabadiwala. To avoid this situation, Scrap Uncle took the initiative to help people deal with their scrap correctly.
  • Therefore, sell your junk to the appropriate dealer and earn the best old iron rate per kg.

Scrap Uncle is an IIIT Delhi student startup, they have introduced an online Kabadi collecting platform to decrease waste and keep India clean. They provide instant doorstep services that help you sell your waste easily. So, sell all your waste and keep nature healthy and neat. Reach us through the application on the play store or

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