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Last Update on 15th July 2024

Aluminum scrap has great benefits when sold and recycled suitably. To make sure the aluminum scrap is recycled properly we must sell it to the right dealer. One of those who show their online presence by dealing with scrap materials is Scrap Uncle. They’re the online kabadiwala that aims at controlling the waste that is produced in the country. You are provided with doorstep services by these scrap buyers and the chore of selling scrap is done easily. Scrap Uncle ensures your convenient pickup and customer satisfaction. They’re available on the application on the play store or you can reach them through their website

Now, sell your scrap and encourage the recycling method.

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Benefits of selling Aluminum Scrap on Scrap Uncle :

  • Scrap Uncle is a platform for selling all your scrap materials. They not only reap your household waste like paper, plastic, etc but also collect e-waste, aluminum scrap, copper scrap, etc. You are allowed to sell any kind of waste that is ready for the recycling process.
  • Although you might think about selling your waste to local kabadiwala, do you think they are ready to collect aluminum scrap and pay you the right amount? It might be a no. They may refuse to collect anything except old books, papers, glass, plastic, and so on. Instead of spending time to find a kabadiwala near you, it’s better if you sell them online on Scrap Uncle.
  • Here, on scrap uncle, your aluminum scrap will be weighted using a digital machine. This digital machine is certified by ISO and shows the precise weight of your scrap. Therefore, the task of selling scrap is made easier for you, and you are just a step away from booking them.
  • Therefore you folks don’t have to worry about investing more time in selling junk. The work is made simple as you just have to schedule it by providing a particular date and time. Your work will be done easily.
  • The crew members from scrap uncle will come to your doorstep and get your work done. So, don’t miss the opportunity to sell your scrap and earn a few bucks out of it.

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Environmental Purposes of Recycling Junk :

  • There is no limit to how many times you can recycle aluminum scrap. It is a metal that can be recycled again and again with no loss of its actual material.
  • Also, it saves a lot of energy that is needed to make fresh aluminum. Saving our natural resources can be useful to future generations and thus we must follow the process of recycling.
  • We are all fond of cold drinks and we have them almost every week. The drinks are stored in cans that are made of aluminum. So, instead of throwing them away you can collect those cans and sell them in a bulk.

Hence, when you recycle your scrap it is not only an advantage to nature but also to the person. You’re earning something out of it and that’s great. Sell your scrap and save the environment.

Scrap Uncle is an IIIT Delhi student startup, that lends a helping hand in keeping our nature clean and away from waste. They provide you with doorstep services that help you sell your scrap easily. Now, sell all your trash and keep your surroundings neat. Reach us through the application on the play store or

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