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Online Scrap – Sell Digitally. We’re all aware of how unsafe it is in the present scenario to clean our surroundings and maintain a hygienic environment, for a healthy lifestyle. Despite finding many ways to get rid of waste we still don’t do that due to our reasons and the never-ending laziness. There are several means to get rid of the trash and you can do it without putting in any effort. Now the scrap dealers are not only available offline but online too. You can easily find their search engines and can directly reach out to them at your preferred time. Sounds good right?


Let’s find out why we must choose an online platform for selling scrap.

Online Scrap – Sell Scrap Digitally ?

  • We, People, tend to do things that are easily accessible and convenient to do. Selling scrap is the most important thing to do to save the home and maintain balance.
  • When you sell scrap you don’t only get rid of the trash but in return, you will earn a good amount in exchange for things you thought are of no use. An amazing deal I suppose.
  • Keeping social distance in view the online scrap vendors follow all the guidelines issued by the government and with all the safety measures they come to your place to pick your trash and also get you away from the dirt you were surrounded by.
  • Also, the scrap dealers available on the online platform very well know what exactly can be done with the waste. The are following process of recycling is in favor of the habitat.

How does selling scrap online help you?

  • The first step you take when you decide to sell off your scrap is to go and find a scrap dealer near you where you can give away all the waste you are collecting. But, what if you don’t find any near you? We got an answer to that.
  • Go and search for online scrap dealers near you and then easily go through the information provided on their website and quickly schedule your pickup. The website will not only provide you with the information but also let you know what kind of materials they are accepting.
  • Make it easy and simple, the local Kabadiwala doesn’t have a fixed time of arrival. But now you can get the time fixed according to our convenience.
  • When you sell scrap online you will find the exact value for the material you are selling. Now, you don’t have to worry about receiving less money.

Hence, we must choose to save our home no matter how difficult it might be.

Scrap Uncle is an IIIT Delhi student startup that took a step forward to the economic imbalance and thus provide doorstep services to the people by picking their trash. You can find them on the application on the play store or through

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