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Last Update on 19th June 2024

Sell Scrap Online – The new Trend. Scrap consists of recyclable and leftover stuff from the product manufacturing and consumption, such as parts of vehicles, building supplies, newspapers, notebooks, etc. Unlike waste, scrap has a monetary value and you will be paid in exchange for your scrap. Scrap materials are taken to the scrap yard where the process of recycling and melting takes place.

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Usefulness Of Selling Scrap :

  • According to research conducted by the Environmental Protection Agency, recycling scrap materials can be quite beneficial to the environment. Using recycled metals can help in cutting down trees.
  • Recycling is a critical practice to make our planet cleaner and free of waste. Recycling papers prevent deforestation by the millions.
  • It helps in saving Energy, Reduction in Air Pollution, Water Pollution, and also helps in maintaining economic balance.

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Why Support Selling Scrap Online – Scrap Buyer in Delhi NCR :

  • Selling your waste stuff through the local scrap pickers is not only the way to recycle – you can do it sitting in your own home by taking the help of an online scrap dealer.
  • The online scrap dealers knock at your place at your scheduled time and pick up your waste. They are paying you instantly in exchange for your trash.
  • When you choose an online platform to sell your waste it becomes easy for you to find the best scrap dealer instead of waiting for the local Kabadiwala who is going to happen at your place when you are going to be busy.
  • Sell scrap online because it is reliable and trustworthy. The online scrap buyers are verified and hence, ensure transparency.

Hence, we humans produce millions of tonnes of waste daily, but a lot of it can be reused when you make use of the available resources efficiently. When you sell your scrap online it does not only help you get some amount in return but also gives your participation in protecting the environment.

Scrap Uncle is an IIIT Delhi student startup that focuses on one of waste management. They have launched an online platform where door services are provided to the people at their requested time. Now you can schedule your pick up using our application on the play store or through the website

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