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Scrap Metal Dealers are now available on an online platform and one of them is Scrap Uncle. Scrap Uncle is an online kabadiwala platform that provides the services of scrap picking. They’re the scrap dealers who assure you with convenient pick up of your scrap at your scheduled time. Now, when everything is available for ease, make use of it. The most important thing about selling scrap materials is to save our nature. Scrap Uncle focuses on the waste management system of India and thus took the initiative to reduce the count of waste. You can find Scrap Uncle on the application available on the play store or through

When we all first think of recycling all that we do is sell paper or plastic. But the interesting thing is we can sell metals too. Many people forget about those they use in their daily lives. Think about the metals around you in the house? You use them every day and still don’t sell those when they’re no longer helpful to you. So all that you can do is find scrap metal dealers. They’ll help you with picking your scrap and you can just sell it without throwing it away.

How can you Find Scrap Metal Dealers?

  • Firstly, whenever we decide to sell scrap, all that we search for is a local kabadiwala. But, the issues arise when you don’t find them around your area or locality. In case you missed them at your unavailability? That might be a problem and you miss the chance of selling your scrap. So, to avoid this situation online kabadi selling platforms have been introduced to sell your scrap at your desired time and convenience. It is easy to find one on a search engine. You can also check out them on their website or app on the play store.
  • You might also wonder what’s the need to hire an online kabadiwala? When you can find them at any random kabadi shop. Nevertheless, do you think they are going to buy anything apart from paper, plastic or glass? Possibly no. Hence, you get all the services available on the online platform. Let it be Scrap Metal Dealers or any scrap dealer. Therefore, Scrap Uncle is one such arena where you can find scrap metal dealers or any junk dealer.
  • At last, when you find them online there arises no problem with dealing with your scrap. Comfort is what we all dig for and when everything is available for you at your fingertips just make use of it. Online scrap dealers not only pay you a valid amount for your waste but also help in maintaining the balance of waste in the environment.

Now, let’s find out why it is important to sell metals and how scrap metal dealers help nature by recycling metal scrap.


Why is it important to sell scrap metals?

  • We must sell scrap metals to preserve natural resources. Also, recycling metal scrap helps in saving energy and reduces the cost of production. Metal scrap dealers can help us with collecting the waste and making use of it in the right way.
  • Although metals are hard to be recycled, the benefits are enormous. Metals can be recycled over and over without losing their actual value.
  • Above all the process of recycling metals with the help of scrap metal dealers can help nature in a good way. It will help to eliminate the pollution from the climate and make the earth clean.

Hence, we need to get more concerned about the environment and start recycling the materials to save natural resources for future generations.

Scrap Uncle is an IIIT Delhi student startup, that wants to concentrates on the role of online kabadiwala. They help in maintaining neatness and cleanliness in nature by providing doorsteps services tp its customers. Scrap Uncle is an platform that provides with home services and way to deal with your waste. You can reach us through the application on playstore or 






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