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Junk Dealer is now instantly available at your doorstep. One of the finest deals you find on selling your scrap is with ScrapUncle. ScrapUncle provides scrap collection services to customers with instant pickups and professional services. They provide you with the best value for your junk and ensure to responsibly recycle your scrap items. This junk dealer can be connected easily through a website or by the application available on the play store. Scrap Uncle is a professional junk dealer who assures safety and quality service.

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Let’s find out how this junk dealer helps us.

Why is Junk Dealer Nature’s Truest Friend?

  • A junk dealer is a person who assists you by collecting your waste. They are contributing to the betterment of nature and also encourage the waste management system. Therefore, it is valid to term the junk dealer as nature’s truest friend.
  • Days back we would wait for the junk dealer who glides around the streets and collects scrap from the doorstep of the people in the area. But now, the time has transformed and everyone is so busy with their lives to find time to sell scrap. Although we can’t blame our busy schedule nor can we live with the scrap. So, a solution to this problem is online junk dealers. Yes, now in digital India we have digital junk dealers too.
  • Online junk dealers are easily accessible to the public and also the industries that sell the junk after the production and houses after the use of the materials. Instead of waiting for the local kabadiwala now, you can directly sell scrap to the online junk dealer. This does not disturb your busy schedule and meanwhile helps you get rid of the scrap.


Reasons Why Sell scrap on Scrap Uncle :

  • Scrap Uncle is trusted by leading brands and also they’re known for their professionalism and convenient services. They are the scrap dealers who buy all the waste materials starting from paper, plastic, and appliances to e-waste, aluminum waste, and solid waste.


  • They provide you with convenient doorstep pickups on the day and time provided by the user. This junk dealer will pay you the exact amount of your exchanged scrap and also weigh your junk with the digital weighing machine.
  • Waste management is the responsibility of each citizen and after finding the best prices, convenience, and trusted scrap dealers our task is to schedule a pickup and sell our scrap.

Therefore, the waste being produced every day must be controlled. Otherwise, the environmental crisis will grow day by day. A step towards clean India from each of us with Scrap Uncle. Sell your scrap and save the earth.

Scrap Uncle is IIIT Delhi student start-up. They are providing doorstep services to households and corporates, to get rid of their trash that is generated daily. You can find us on an app on the play store and you can also reach us at





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