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Sell old items and make a healthy environment. The problem of waste is becoming serious every day and thus to control this we need to sell our old items and protect nature. To help you sell your old items the dealer who is always going to help you is Scrap Uncle. Talking about Scrap Uncle, it is an online scrap collecting platform. Here, you can sell your scrap easily and enjoy the services that have been provided by the Scrap Uncle. They contribute to the development of nature cleanly and hygienically. Hence, you can connect to the scrap dealers and sell old items on their website

Similarly, you must also think about the impact of collecting all the old items, and you getting surrounded by them. Is it easy to dwell with waste and invite new diseases? No right. So, to avoid the situation and make your nest even more spacious and healthier, sell your old items and contribute to the betterment of the earth too.


When it comes to selling old items all that we probe for is a kabadiwala. But, do you think they’re available for the time you need them? Sometimes it can be a no too. They might not be available at the time you need them and you decide to postpone your plan to sell old items. Although they might not be available when you need them, scrap uncle the online scrap dealers are accessible anytime you wish.

Let’s see how Scrap Uncle Helps to sell old items :

  • It is very simple to get connected with Scrap Uncle. You can look for them on the app available on the play store or through their website. There you can plan your pickup day and time and the crew is going to hit your place without any trouble at your scheduled time.
  • Scrap Uncle buys the scrap by paying you the best rates compared to the local kabadiwala. Therefore, now you can earn a few bucks from your scrap too. Great Right?
  • Also, you don’t have to worry about the scam in weighing. Because scrap uncle measures the weight of your scrap using an ISO certified digital weighing machine.
  • They’re the trusted and friendly recyclers who treat your scrap in the right way and make sure it doesn’t harm nature. Moreover, recycling also saves energy and natural resources, too.
  • Thus, sell old items on scrap uncle and get rid of the rusty scrap materials.

So why not we all take a step towards the improvement of nature and eliminate the increase of waste and pollution. Let’s recycle and sell old items to create a healthy environment.

Scrap Uncle is an IIIT Delhi student startup that focuses on one of the cleanliness of the country. They have introduced an online platform for picking scrap. They provide doorstep services to the people at their desired time. Now you can schedule your pick up using our application on the play store or through the website


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