Swapeco once – Now Scrap Uncle. The name might change but not our services. Similarly, we are here to make our services more understandable and accessible to our customers and make their experiences ample. The goal towards controlling the waste management sector of India is and will be always the main priority of Scrap Uncle too.


We’re all trying to fit into this new online generation and opting for things that are trending online. Now, not only clothes, appliances, food, etc. are available online but also our scrap buyers or Kabadiwala ‘s. You can now sell all your used products here and support the process of recycling.

Swapeco to Scrap Uncle :

  • Swapeco was started with an initiative to reduce the increase in waste. Now, following the footsteps of Swapeco, Scrap Uncle is performing the same task with much better services.
  • Scrap Uncle is an online platform that provides you with plenty of services and makes your work even easier. It is a digital recycling platform that enables people to track a Kabadiwala near them easily and get their work done on fingertips.
  • We all like the convenience and on (Swapeco) now Scrap Uncle you find the option of scheduling your pickup at your selected time. Worth it?
  • Scrap uncle collects not only household materials but also waste from industries and institutes.
  • our team is Certified with ISO digital weighing scale and now you are free from getting fooled because the digital measurement shows the exact value of your scrap.
  • Your payments will be made instantly in your desired mode of payment i.e ( online or offline)
  • In the current scenario of Covid-19, our team ensures you all the safety. Therefore. by maintaining a hygienic environment and social distance from their customers.
  • Hence , Swapeco gained trust from many B2B companies like Godrej, Tata Steels, Urban Company, etc. and scrap uncle will continue to progress even more.

Now get your hands on the deals provided by Scrap Uncle and contribute your part in making India a country free from Waste. Let’s join our hands and encourage the role of kabadiwala ‘s.

Scrap Uncle ( SWAPECO) is an IIIT Delhi students startup that introduced the platform of online Kabadiwala . It helps the people with collecting their scrap and providing doorstep services . Now you can reach them on the application on the play store or through the website www.scrapuncle.com

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/scrapuncle/

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/scrapuncle/?utm_medium=copy_link

Twitter : https://twitter.com/scrapuncleapp

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