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Scrap Uncle offering best scrap deal to its customers efficiently and effectively. We all know how long it takes to wait for the local Kabadiwala to visit our streets or colonies to pick our trash. But, now you don’t have to wait for them to come and collect your trash because you got the best scrap deals on scrap uncle. We are all aware that how important it is to keep our surroundings neat and clean and who knows even by selling your scrap you couldn’t find any change and see yourself surrounded by waste? Now, even that problem has an end. Scrap uncle enables you to schedule your pick-up at your availability and now you can track what exactly is done with your scrap.

How to Redeem Best Scrap Deal ?

  • It’s a simple way to get in touch with Scrap Uncle and schedule your pickup.
  • 1 -Download the application from the play store.
    2 – Book a slot.
    3 – Confirm your pickup and get rid of your scrap.
  • When you sell your waste on scrap uncle you will find great scrap deals in exchange for your waste. Your scrap is measured using a smart weighing scale therefore which gives an accurate value to your scrap.
  • Scrap Uncle is paying you the time you exchange trash.
  • They not only collects waste from households but also enterprises.


Why choose scrap uncle ?

  • Scrap Uncle eliminates the role of middlemen involved in the process of recycling.
  • When you sell your scrap to the local Kabadiwala you don’t know if they use the materials for the sake of recycling or it is just dumped in like the other waste materials.
  • Scrap uncle can track your scraps usability. It is a convenient way to know if the process of recycling is taking place properly.
  • Hence, you find great scrap deals on scrap uncle. You don’t have to bargain for the best price in exchange for your scrap. Go and grab the scrap deals provided.

Scrap Uncle is an IIIT Delhi student startup. They aim at reducing the amount of waste that is being produced by households and enterprises . They collect the scrap and directly sending it to the recycling unit. You can find us on the application on the play store or through




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