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Sell old items and now earn out of them. Do you know what can be the spur if we don’t sell our old items? It consumes space, makes your surroundings unhygienic, gives rise to harmful diseases, and also pollutes nature. Hence, to responsibly help you sell your scrap Scrap Uncle the online kabadiwala has been introduced. The scrap dealers from scrap uncle provide doorstep services to their customers at their preferred time. They believe in the hassle-free and convenient pickup of old items. You can sell old items, e-waste, aluminum waste, and any kind of waste on Scrap Uncle. The crew of Scrap Uncle assures proper disposal of your scrap items.
So, now sell your old items and all the trash items on, or also you can download the application from the play store.


Sell old items on Scrap Uncle:

  • Sometimes, we might just throw away all the old scrap items without knowing their actual worth. But, when you sell old items they can be moreover recycled in the future. For instance, they might also be harmful to nature. At last, the scrap you collect today will go in the trash tomorrow. So, it’s better if we sell old items.
  • Although landfills have been built to keep toxic trash they’re still harmful to nature and humans. To reduce this problem is to improve the waste management system of India. With the help of Scrap Uncle, you can sell old items and they ensure to recycle your scrap professionally and carefully.
  • Now, selling scrap will not go in vain as you are going to earn out of it. When you sell old items on scrap uncle they not only responsibly recycle your old items but also pay you the right amount. Your scrap will be measured with a digital machine and the reason for being cheated is also void.
  • So, whenever you need a scrap dealer to sell scrap you can contact scrap uncle to help you out. Further, they’re the online scrap dealers who provide doorstep services to the folks instantly. All that you have to do is schedule your pickup at your desired time and sell old items to the scrap buyers.
  • The best scrap rate is given by scrap uncle to their customers. Convenience, hassle-free services, no interruption, and investment of extra time all these benefits only on Scrap Uncle.

Therefore, exchange scrap because they can be further recycled. Recycling is the best and cheapest way to dispose of your waste rather than investing more in health issues. Swap scrap and encourage recycling with Scrap Uncle.

Scrap Uncle is an IIIT Delhi student startup, they have introduced an online kabadi collecting platform to control the waste management system of India. They provide instant doorstep services that help you sell your scrap easily. So, sell all your waste and keep nature healthy and neat. Reach us through the application on play store or

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